The artist Mady de la Giraudière

Mady de La GIRAUDIERE was born in Toulouse in 1922 and spent her childhood in LAVELANET (Ariege) in the freedom of nature and animals.

Self-taught, Mady de La Giraudière started working entirely of her own pleasure; but after meeting Anatole JAKOVSKY ,she was encouraged and took up painting seriously isolated from outside influence. After three years of a hard work, she exhibited more than forty paintings at the Galerie URBAN , rue du faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris.She also joined the group of the naïve painters presented by Anatole JAKOVSKY. Since this time, she entered the international class and her works are to be found in many exhibitions and museums in France and all over the world.

She has lived and worked in Paris and Lavelanet (Ariege) and she has never lost touch with her roots and the gorgeous pyrenean landscapes. She can convey better than anyone else the quite charm of this French district. In her paintings bathed in the southern sun,can be found everything typical : customs, people, legends, traditions, everyday life and so on...

She has a deep love of the sky and its light. She is able to paint the same scenery at four different times of the year. A fine touch, with enchanting stories to relate are Mady's worth-seeing paintings.

« A swallow does not make a summer » but a painting of Mady is a joy for ever !